Happy 2nd Birthday Tate Triplets

A little over two years ago, my body went into labor, unexpectedly at just shy of 32 weeks!  I remember being scared to death as I anticipated the birth of my three babies!  We had planned and prepared as best we could, but the anxiety was in full force for both Steve and I.  We put our surgical clothing on looked like something out of a hazmat movie scene.  Steve, who was normally able to crack a joke, couldn't even crack a smile.  His worry was palpable!  We went into the surgical room, he held my hand and they numbed me in preparation for surgery.  

One by one, Reese (baby A), then Heath (baby B) and Hayes(baby C) made their entrance into the world.  The moment a mother sees her babies for the first time, love and innate motherhood kick in...the purpose of my life was so obvious in that moment as our family became complete with the triplets!  That fear slowly began to disappear and the hopes and dreams of a future with three best buddies began to kick in!  I envisioned them all playing soccer together, playing together at recess, helping each other out with homework, dating each other's friends and a lifetime of having each other's backs!  I was ready and excited to face it!

When Hayes got diagnosed with cancer, those hopes and dreams got shaky!  I believed he would be ok, but I worried Hayes was going to struggle with those things I had dreamt for him!  One thing I had zero doubts about was that the triplets were going to have each other's backs forever and I found solace in this knowledge!  

With the passing of Hayes, I have obviously had to adjust my dreams.  My mind is constantly filled with memories I never got to have with him, but as sure as I was before, I know the triplets still have each other's back!  That is knowledge I never waver on.  

As we celebrated the babies birthday this past weekend, I felt grateful for so many things.  The 5K will always be celebrated around their birthday.  We will always sing happy birthday to them and Hayes will never be forgotten because he is a part of them!  When one of them accomplishes something, they all do!  Hayes will be watching over them and helping them accomplish every dream I had for them.  It isn't exactly how I envisioned, but it doesn't take away from the fact that they are the Tate triplets and will always be triplets!  Happy birthday Hayes!  You were and will forever be our hero!