HayesTough 5k

The second annual hayestough 5K was held on Saturday, March 11... It was everything we had hoped for. We were able to celebrate two families and lift them up with the HayesArmy love! If there's anything that got us through last year it was the love from strangers and loved ones across the world and the HayesArmy did just that for the Willson and Satterfield Families. Nearly 600 people showed up to run the 5k in-person PLUS over 400 people all around the world wore their HayesTough shirts and ran virtually. We had people in nearly ever state and several different countries including China, France, Hungary, Iran, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Israel, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and many many more!

I remember last year's 5k so clearly, we had just received terrible MRI results for Hayes. We had found out that the chemo was not working! My heart was completely broken. I remember wanting to cancel the 5K because I was so afraid to face the world with our news. We woke up that morning, put our HayesTough shirts on and reluctantly made our way down the course. What we were welcomed with was something that I will never forget. Hundreds of people were there, friends, family, and strangers waiting to surround us with support and love. Hope began to grow again. There is power in numbers. There is power in your tribe. That is why I feel so strongly about being a part of the good. I want to provide these families with a tribe...#hayesarmy!  It is what Hayes wants and that's why I feel so passionate about it.  

We honored two warriors and their families.  We honored ten year old Jakob, who braved the cold in his weakened, chemo ridden state and his warrior family.  

Then we honored sweet 4 year old Hadley, fresh off of radiation, and her beautiful family.  

Thanks to the Hayes army, we were able to present both families with checks for $5000 each!  What I hope is that they are able to take this money and enjoy life, smile and make memories with each other!  That is what life is about and these children and their families deserve to feel hopeful again!  

Thanks to PW Companies, parent company of Del Sol and Cariloha, for the HayesTough shirts and to every volunteer that helped us succeed!  We could not have done it without them!  Hayes is so proud! 

I was able to take the success of this weekend and channel that momentum into  new ideas and plans to lift more families up.  Cannot wait to share our future ideas!