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Steve Tate


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I’m Steve Tate, also known as Hayes’ Dad. My identity has changed throughout the years. For so much of my life I was known as Steve Tate, the former college football player from the University of Utah. That changed several years later as I became Steve Tate, the triplet Dad. Most recently, my identity has changed to Steve Tate, Hayes’ Dad. This is one that I prefer to the others previously mentioned. I am extremely passionate in continuing the legacy that my son created in his brief time here on earth. His 20 month life, though brief, had more of an impact than most people have their entire lives. Hayes continues to inspire us and our desire is to be part of the good, in inspiring others the way Hayes inspired us. Hayes taught us how to smile and laugh in times of despair. I learned that love is not built on superficial things, but rather on service. This is something that Hayes has taught me. As Co-founder of the HayesTough foundation and author of an upcoming book, our desire is to serve others, particularly those children and families battling cancer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]