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Savanna Tate


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Hi, my name is Savanna Tate. I, along with my husband Steve, am a parent to 6 beautiful children, one of those being Hayes, our angel warrior and reason behind this foundation. I am the co-founder of the HayesTough Foundation and while I consider myself well educated in school, I found my greatest learning experience has been being the mother to a baby fighting brain cancer.

Nothing prepares you for becoming a “momcologist” but, I found through my experiences, that sometimes parents know more than any “expert”. While I am known for being an extreme optimist, I believe in doing everything possible—and thinking beyond what is currently possible—for pediatric cancer patients and families. My ambitions are large and, I believe, entirely achievable.

I want nothing short of finding a cure for every child. My love for these kids is beyond measure and that is why I started the HayesTough Foundation. I believe our children deserve more than what they are receiving. Hope is something each person facing a life-threatening illness deserves. I aspire to brighten the lives of these families whose worlds have been turned upside down by illness. I believe they need a reason to have hope and still find joy.

I believe in honoring my son through this work and I will continue to strive to make a difference. I feel that I owe it to the children fighting so hard for their lives every day to give them and their families all the support they need.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]