Meet Hero & Community Ambassador, Regina

Meet 18 year old Regina from Murnau, Germany.  Not only is she a HayesTough community ambassador, but she is also a childhood cancer survivor herself.  So grateful to have her be such an important part of the #HayesArmy team!

1. What Is Your Fundraising Idea?


"running for joy"

My fundraising idea is running for joy. So while I'm running I want to raise awareness for childhood cancer and also donations to be sent to your website to help families who are affected by childhood cancer.


2.  Why did you want to be a HayesTough Community Ambassador?

 I'd like to be a HayesTough Community Ambassador because I definitely love your idea, how you help children and their families who are affected by cancer. I know how hard and evil this disease is, but I also know how important it is to never lose hope during this hard time. With your foundation you give some lost hope to these children, so they can enjoy some moments of life like the normal child they deserve to be.  So that they can get some strength to keep on fighting at the same time. That's pretty amazing and I definitely want to be a part of this. So that is why I chose your foundation.


3. Why childhood cancer is important to me?

Well, that's a real emotional question. I already fought cancer three times against cancer during my childhood days and I'm still fighting a congenital heart defect. The time wasn't always easy, but I got through it and I'm still getting through it. To receive help and some support during that time was so important to me and to my family because childhood cancer is an unfair enemy. It definitely fights with unfair weapons. Nobody deserves to suffer because of cancer and especially not children. I want to kick childhood cancer's butt as a whole and help other children with their fights because no one fights alone!


"I already fought cancer three times"

4. Why is volunteering important to you?


"now I'm feeling stronger and I'm ready to volunteer"

During my childhood I received a lot of help and my whole family, friends but also strangers did everything that was in their power to help me and my family. I know that I'm not healthy now, but I'm tough and I'm strong. So I think now is the time to give something back and volunteering for others who are now going through the same as I did, is definitely worth fighting for.

5. What age did you decide you wanted to volunteer?

Well, I really had liked to volunteer much earlier but I was really sick by myself and laying in the hospital. So I just took part of some charity events. But now I'm feeling stronger and I'm ready to volunteer on another base. So helping your foundation I decided a few weeks ago with 18 years old.


If you want to find out more information about our community ambassador program and how you can join the fight, head here