HayesHeroes - Ariane

Meet a Hero Ariane. She is a sweet, happy baby who loves music and loves to dance. Her big brother is her hero and she lights up when he walks in the room! In September, 2016 she was diagnosed with All Leukemia. We asked her mom to tell us about her journey with cancer! 

How did you find the cancer?

In July 2016, Ariane had her first fever of 105.5. She had this for a few days and I took her to the doctor and they told me she was just teething. They gave me a bottle of Motrion that was about 16 oz and told me to give it to her when she had a fever. I started to worry because the fever would go away but not for good and the bottle of  Motrion was almost gone. By this time, it was August and we had been back and forth between the ER and her pediatrician, who both kept saying there was nothing wrong. They never tested her for anything other than RSV.  On September 10, Ariane was still running a fever and she had no energy.  I noticed her eyes began to get stuck to the left. So, I went back to the AI DuPont Hospital ER. They checked her Urine and nothing came back and so they were going to send us home. I told them, with a lot of anger, that I wasn't leaving until they tested her blood. When her blood results came back they admitted us. On that following Monday September the 12th, after a Biopsy, she was diagnosed with All Leukemia.

What is a typical day at the hospital like?

A typical day for us is trying to find parking and then walking through the hospital with thousands of others to be in the waiting room by 9:00 am. Once there, she gets her vitals, weight and port accessed. After, we go to another waiting room to wait for our labs.  We are in an open area with about 6 open rooms where you can hear everything.  You can hear kids crying, hear the pumps going off, hear everything the doctor is telling the next parent about their child.  Ariane is always wanting to crawl all over the floor, while she is connected to IV, trying not to pull her line. Visits are 4 hrs and some times longer so you have to be prepared with food, bags full of toys and a clear head.

What are your hopes for your child?

My hope for Ariane that she will continue to be very strong and not let the Chemo medication take control of her and continue to be brave. Praying she stays in remission.

What advice would you give other parents?

You have to believe. You have to have faith and hope. If you have someone to talk to, talk to them, you can not do it all, you need as much support you can get. 

Family motto or favorite quote?

Every single day counts. Just one day at a time.

 What are things that you wish people knew from the outside?

I wish people just realized I'm hurting.  This is my child I'm trying to keep alive.  I'm not being lazy because I can't work full time.  I don't have what I use to have. I'm a single mother trying to make sure all three of my children live the life they are used to while hurting inside, and if it was any of my kids, I would do the same. I will give up everything if I have to fight this battle with my child.  She will never fight alone. This is our battle at this moment and we will overcome this too.